Usage of analytics data

Traffic data is collected solely for the purpose of having an idea of how many people use this website, and looking at interesting aggregated stats on usage

Data will not be used for other purposes such as advertising (the site doesn't display any ads), and no third parties will have direct access to the collected data, (except Google Analytics or Cloudflare technicians in the event of technical failure of the respective tools, which is unlikely to occur)

Screenshots of the anonymous aggregated statistics may occasionally be shared to 3rd parties, (e.g. I may share statistics like the number of daily active users of the site, to Blue Archive related online communities)


If you have any questions or concerns about usage of this data, please feel free to contact me on Discord (Justin163#4337), or through email at [email protected] (any collected email addresses will be used solely for the purpose of responding via email)


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to collect traffic data, traffic data is collected anonymously and not personally identifiable


This website is hosted with Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare collects limited data (mostly country of access, and total number of requests per resource type) anonymously on behalf of the site, this is aggregated data and not personally identifiable

Cloud saves

This is an optional part of the website, you can choose not to use it if you want

The chosen username, along with the randomly generated Auth Key (can't input your own password), and compressed Save-Data, are stored in an AWS database

Also stored is registration time, and save last modified time

At some point I may parse the data to look at aggregated statistics, which might be shared to 3rd parties (e.g. might share interesting stat like proportion of lvl 75 units from all users of the cloud save service or etc to Blue Archive related online communities)

I'll add the ability to delete all the collected data at some point later, otherwise can contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

IP addresses are also temporarily collected by the intermediary node js server running on a Google App Engine instance, these are used to block attempted API abuse, however are only stored short term, this data is frequently discarded whenever the dyno restarts

The instances are regularly recycled upon which IP information is destroyed